The RICS Homebuyer Report

    • A concise description of construction and condition of the property
    • The identification of problems which are serious or require urgent attention
    • Information on items requiring further investigation
    • Information on problems which may be dangerous or pose a risk to the building
    • Advice on future maintenance
    • A market valuation
    • A building insurance reinstatement calculation

The RICS Homebuyer Report has been the most popular survey report for many years. It is suitable for property of conventional construction and up to about 150 years old. The report provides a clear and concise picture of the condition of the property in an easily read format.

It Includes An Independent Market Valuation...

This survey report is our most popular product and will give a purchaser a detailed assessment of the property together with advice on future maintenance.

The Homebuyer Report is a very affordable survey and ideal for the vast majority of homebuyers. Importantly it includes a market valuation and a buildings insurance calculation.

The report is written in plain English using easy to understand “traffic light” ratings to reflect the seriousness of defects. The report also has a section on advice for your Conveyancer.

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