The RICS Condition Report

    • A concise description of construction and condition of the property
    • The identification of problems which are serious or require urgent attention
    • Information on items requiring further investigation
    • Information on materials which may be dangerous or pose a risk to the building

The RICS Condition Report is suitable if you’re buying a relatively new property with no previous issues, and just want some reassurance that everything is OK.

The Report To Complement Your Mortgage Valuation

The survey report does not include an opinion of value as it is designed to complement a mortgage valuation. It is a report particularly suitable for first-time buyers on a budget, those buying property with a view to letting and sellers who require an idea of any defects which may be raised by a buyers surveyor.

The report is written in plain English using easy to understand “traffic light” ratings to reflect the seriousness of defects. It also has a section on advice for your legal adviser.

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