About Homebuyer Online

Buying a home can present a daunting set of challenges to anyone, there is a huge amount of information to get to grips with and costs can mount up quickly. Buying a property survey is an important part of this process but it is often misunderstood and missold.

Our founders started Homebuyer Online to help customers through the process of instructing a surveyor. They wanted to;

  • Give customers clear and concise information about surveys
  • Provide access to a network of surveyors throughout England & Wales
  • Ensure member surveyors were properly qualified and insured
  • Create a system that manages the whole process online


The Ways We Differ From Other Price Sites

We wanted to create the most fair way of listing and selling surveys to our customers. To do this we differ from other listing sites in a number of ways:

We dont sell leads to surveyors

Unlike other price comparison sites we dont sell leads to surveyors at all. We show you the prices and expected availability of surveyors local to the property and we let you choose the surveyor you want to instruct. Other websites will sell your personal contact details to multiple surveyors which can often lead to pestering sales calls and emails.

With Homebuyer Online your chosen surveyor will only receive your details when you purchase your survey.

Qualifications & Insurance

In order for a surveyor to be a member of our network they must be a fully qualified and Regulated member of the RICS. They must also have up to date PI Insurance. These standards are in place to protect you, the customer. RICS Regulation ensures that the surveyor is qualified and adheres to a strict set of operational guidelines. PI Insurance ensures that you, your purchase and the surveyor are protected from any claim for damages or losses.

The Price You Are Quoted Is The Price You Pay

Quite simply the price you see on our quote page is the price you will pay for your survey. Some other site's will change the price you are quoted initially. We ensure that this does not happen as long as you have entered the correct information about the property.

Getting an immediate quote online is simple. Just click the link below, fill out the details and your quote will be displayed on screen and also emailed to the address provided.